These are basic steps companies can take to help increase their cyber security posture.

#1: Password Management: Consider how you use and manage your passwords. It is important for you to use safe and secure passwords. Creating passphrases, which are short sentences that are easy to remember but still use complexity like special characters and numbers is one good way to help create safer, stronger passwords.

#2: Security Awareness Training: Are you and your team able to recognize when an email or phone call may be a security attack? Phishing (email) and Vishing (voice/phone) has made a dramatic upturn – especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. These types of attacks use various methods to “trick” users into giving up personal and company information that the criminal can later use to access their systems and network. Loyality offers Security Awareness Training to companies and their users that helps train and educate them on how to spot these threats and how to protect themselves and the company from them.

#3: End Point Security: A reputable Endpoint Security solution is vital to have on all your workstations and servers. This will help protect your devices and networks from viruses, malware, and ransomware that can compromise your systems and data.

#4: Virtual Private Network (VPN): A VPN encrypts the data traffic when you are connecting to your company resources from an eternal or public network. This is especially important to have when you have staff working from home and remoting into your systems. This encrypts data traffic so it is unreadable to anyone who might be spying on that traffic.

These 4 tips are simple steps your company can take to improve your Cyber Security posture. This is not a comprehensive list but it can help get your company off in the right direction to better security posture. Give Loyality a call today and we can help you implement these steps and more!