Based on the recent changes and events happening in our work force across the country, many companies have transitioned to remote workers. In our last blog we discussed 4 steps you needed to take to ensure a successful transition, a week later all your workers are home. So now what?

Do you feel like you have lost the control you had of managing endpoints during this transition?
Do you have a remote monitoring software in place to keep tabs on the security and efficiency of your network and endpoints? The one product that we recommend for you right now, is our Virtual Systems Administrator (VSA). This software provides remote monitoring and management, endpoint management, and network monitoring

The remote management tool allows you to remotely access servers and endpoints to proactively patch and update systems. Additionally, this tool will help you automate many processes, simplify remote access and push out policy to help reduce your overall ticket load and better secure your endpoints. This is imperative during this time with a remote workforce because it allows you to keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently during this period of adjustment. You have the ability to troubleshoot and proactively prevent problems without stepping foot into the office or into a user’s home.

When you partner with Loyality to use our toolkit, you will have access to preconfigured processes and scripts built from our years of experience remotely managing a variety of different environments in various industries.
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