4 things you need to know about your IT environment to know if your employees can successfully work from home:

1. First, do you have a solution in place for your employees to connect to the office from home?
This solution should include a VPN (virtual private network). This allows users to access systems and resources the same way they can when at the office.

2. Can your internet connection and VPN solution support these workers?
Since you have probably never had your whole staff working from home before, you need to know that your solution can support the number of remote workers you require for your business to function efficiently.

3. Would you feel comfortable setting up a work space at home with the equipment you have today?
Having easily portable workstations or laptops for users and simple steps for setting up a work space at home is key. Some accessories may be needed to ease this transition depending on your current setup.

4. Do your employees understand the systems they use and how they are accessing them?
They should know that systems that will function differently when used remotely and they should know the process for connecting to them. You want to minimize user frustration and minimize helpdesk calls while your employees try to set up their work spaces at home.

If you can answer yes to all these questions, you should be set for a successful transition for your employees to work from home.
If you answered no, give us a call or email sales@loyality.com and allow our team to help you set up a way that your employees can work from home successfully.