New name is revealed for the merged IT services company in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

    Five months after Remote Operations Company (ROC) and SRC Technologies joined forces, the merging of the two Northeast Wisconsin-based IT services companies has taken shape.

    President and CEO Kari Serrahn announced today that the consolidated company has been rebranded as Loyality (pronounced Loy-AL-uh-tee).

    “When ROC and SRC Technologies merged this past summer in July, we envisioned the creation of a single identity with a company name that would help tell our story and help us grow as one company with a deeper, stronger, more committed base of talent, expertise, resources, customer service and community engagement,” Serrahn says.

    To that end, Serrahn and her leadership team engaged O’Connor Connective, a strategy and marketing communications consultancy in De Pere, Wisconsin, to help create a singular company identity. The holistic process included setting a clear path of mission, vision and values and developing company messaging with the endgame of rebranding.

    “This timely and engaging strategic process for our merged organization enhanced the establishment of culture within one entity as well as a commitment to one another as an expanded team and to our clients and our community,” says Emily Bangen, marketing associate at Loyality. “And with helpful and insightful input from our employees on what they value most, we ultimately connected the dots to get us to our new company name—a uniquely fitting name for all that we believe and do.”

    Bangen notes trustworthiness, knowledge, respect, honesty and reputation rated highest among the company’s employees when they were asked about their values.

    “We learned our team is passionate about their craft—information technology, or IT. That is why we use those two letters in the new company name and they are underscored in the new company logo,” Serrahn says. “And most importantly, by living our values, the name Loyality stands for our commitment to do what’s right.”

    As Bangen explains, the refreshed purpose at Loyality is true to its new name: “We are loyal to our customers. We are loyal to our team. We are loyal to our craft. We are loyal to our community.”

    With offices in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Milwaukee, Loyality serves industries such as manufacturing, financial, government, healthcare, transportation, and insurance with a wide range of IT services. Loyality specializes in managed services, cybersecurity, technology solutions, and IT consulting, as well as highly regulated requirements.

    “We can’t be more excited to end this year—a year of invigorating transition and transformation for our expanded, unified company—by unveiling our new company name, Loyality. It’s our word,” Serrahn says.

    Along with the new name and logo, Loyality has a new website,, to showcase the full breadth of services by the combined entity, its consulting processes, company history, and the organization’s newly aligned mission, vision and values.

    In 2019, Remote Operations Company (ROC) and SRC Technologies announced the merging of the two IT service companies to become Loyality. Today, with offices in Green Bay and Milwaukee, Loyality is pleased to create a new story together in Wisconsin, loyally serving our customers, team, craft and communities. Loyality provides IT services—including managed services, cybersecurity, technology solutions, and IT consulting—to organizations in a wide range of industries. To learn more, visit



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