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May 2024 Tech Talk Newsletter

Exciting News! Kari’s new book, From Exposed to Secure, has soared to the #1 spot on the Amazon bestseller list – a huge congratulations to her! Kari’s achievement highlights her exceptional dedication to educating and protecting our community. We would also like to extend a warm welcome to Conor, our newest addition to the LoyalITy team! Conor is eager to help businesses in our community tackle complex challenges by leveraging technology. Finally, we extend a special invitation to join us at this year’s BizTimes BizExpo, where LoyalITy will be showcasing our latest innovations and solutions. We can’t wait to connect with you there!

April 2024 Tech Talk Newsletter

In this newsletter, we delve into critical insights spanning cybersecurity and leadership, aiming to empower businesses with knowledge and strategies for success. The first article debunks prevalent cybersecurity myths, urging organizations to prioritize continuous improvement and collective responsibility. The second article, featuring retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink, explores the concept of extreme ownership as a transformative force for building high performance teams. Our micro-article sheds light on the resurgence of traditional check fraud, providing practical tips to safeguard against this evolving threat.

March 2024 Tech Talk Newsletter

We delve into the significance of trust as the new currency, emphasizing the role of technology and cybersecurity in building and maintaining consumer trust. Renowned personality Mike Rowe shares insights on the power of authenticity, highlighting the delicate balance between authenticity and authority for business success. The importance of mindfulness in leadership is discussed, showcasing the benefits of meditation for clearer thinking and decision making. Finally, we address the revelation of a major tech company listening to conversations, providing practical tips on adjusting privacy settings. Explore these insights to navigate the dynamic challenges of the contemporary business world.

February Tech 2024 Talk Newsletter

In the rapidly evolving world of IT and cybersecurity in 2024, several key trends are shaping the digital terrain. Advanced penetration testing is gaining prominence as organizations move beyond conventional security assessments. The cloud is undergoing transformation, emphasizing not only scalability but also fortified security measures. The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing decision-making processes by providing real-time data across various industries. Chatbots are redefining efficiency in customer service with their ability to offer instantaneous assistance and streamline operations. Finally, we discuss the realm of remote work, where leadership, communication, collaboration, and work-life balance is key.

January 2024 Tech Talk Newsletter

In 2024, businesses are urged to prioritize comprehensive Incident Response and Disaster Recovery plans to navigate the evolving digital world successfully. Meanwhile, Google thinks it could be the “beginning of the end of passwords,” emphasizing heightened security through public-key cryptography and the need for wider adoption. Next, we underscore the universal impact of a “Culture of Appreciation” on work and customer loyalty, offering tips for consistent recognition and appreciation in the workplace. Finally, tech expert Bernard Marr’s insights predict transformative tech trends for 2024, including generative AI, and the practical applications of quantum computing, promising innovation and solutions to global challenges in the tech landscape.

December 2023 Tech Talk Newsletter

In the holiday spirit, these articles embrace the festive season with a unique twist. From AI becoming the modern Santa’s helper for online shoppers to Jesse Itzler’s journey mirroring a holiday transformation, they echo the spirit of personal growth during Christmas. Ensuring employee safety during remote work takes on an extra layer of importance during the holidays, emphasizing cybersecurity like a protective ornament on a tree. Finally, we discuss how small to mid-sized business owners find a personal responsibility to safeguard their reputation, as a result of recent changes with the SEC.


November 2023 Tech Talk Newsletter

One of the world’s most popular travel seasons is quickly approaching: the winter holidays. Despite the radio hits chiming something about being “the most wonderful time of the year,” expenses, travel and an increase in scams are enough to raise the blood pressure of even the jolliest among us. Don’t rush to the spiked eggnog just yet – we’ve got some tips to make this season as cheery and bright as it should be.



October 2023 Tech Talk Newsletter

Get ready for a spooktacular October with our special cybersecurity-themed newsletter! In honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’re diving deep into the dark and mysterious world of digital security. Discover bone-chilling tales of real-life cyberattacks, uncover tricks and treats to keep your online presence safe, and learn how to ward off the digital ghouls lurking in the shadows. Stay tuned for a frightfully good read!



September 2023 Tech Talk Newsletter

IT services are necessary for every business in the country – IT companies help businesses protect their data, ensure day-to-day operations run smoothly, increase productivity across the board and keep up-to-date with the latest technology trends and updates. Without IT services, your business can fall prey to hackers and cybercriminals bent on stealing your company’s and clients’ personal information. But if you don’t have IT services, where do you even start looking?



August 2023 Tech Talk Newsletter

Back-to-school season has finally arrived, and it won’t be long before our kids are back in the classroom, learning all sorts of different subjects. Although it’s an exciting time for our kids, this transition back to school is often difficult. Many of them enjoy summer more than any other time of year because they get more freedom to participate in their favorite activities. When school starts, they have additional responsibilities to keep up with to ensure future success.




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