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LoyalITy takes pride as one of the Fox Cities’ top IT and cybersecurity partners, dedicated to securing businesses and individuals. Our mission is to offer robust cybersecurity measures and innovative IT solutions, making technology seamless for small and midsize business owners. With a 20-year legacy of fast, proactive service and over a hundred satisfied clients, we’re here to guide you through the digital realm, sealing vulnerabilities, educating employees, and deterring threats for your business’s safety.

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In The First Quarter Of 2023, APWG Observed 1,624,144 Phishing Attacks. This Is A Record High — The Worst Quarter For Phishing That APWG Has Ever Observed, With Small To Midsized Businesses Being The Largest Target.


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Redefine efficiency with LoyalITy’s business solutions that extend beyond traditional managed IT and cybersecurity. Our solutions are created to help streamline your operations, enhance collaboration, and unlock new levels of productivity, making your business not just secure but operationally superior in a landscape defined by digital demands.

Three Solutions for Fox Cities IT Support

Fully Managed IT


Co Managed IT

Worry Free IT

Invest confidently in IT with LoyalITy, where our commitment goes beyond fixing immediate issues. We operate around the clock to identify and resolve both known and unknown IT challenges, providing you with a worry-free technology experience. Trust us to keep your systems humming along seamlessly, allowing you to concentrate on your business’s growth without the stress of IT disruptions.

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Knowing we have support behind us to assist when things go wrong has been the biggest benefit of adding LoyalITy as our IT partner. We know we can call for support at any time, or get immediate assistance when things are urgent, which is not something not all support firms can offer. Unsure of partnering with LoyalITy? There is no need to think about it. LoyalITy is the IT firm that you need if you want prompt and professional IT support without the costly addition of new internal IT staff.

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Join countless businesses we’ve guided to a safer, more secure digital frontier. Step into a future where cyber threats don’t stand a chance.