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Secure your business and expirence peace of mind with LoyalITy. Navigating the IT and cybersecurity landscape can be challenging, but we specialize in making it effortless for small and midsize businesses in Green Bay. With a solid reputation built over 20 years and a roster of over a hundred satisfied clients, we’re here to make your technology journey smooth.

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In 2023, A Staggering 73% Of Small Business Owners And Leaders Reported Experiencing Data Breaches Or Cyberattacks In The Past Year, Marking A Significant Surge In Incidents. (TripWire)

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Our team understands the specific IT needs of Green Bay businesses, providing personalized services to ensure the security and efficiency of your operations. With an unwavering focus on staying current with cybersecurity trends, we provide robust solutions that effectively safeguard your business from potential threats.

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Fully Managed IT


Co Managed IT

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Find true peace of mind with LoyalITy. Let us guide you, ensuring that every vulnerability is sealed, every employee educated, and every threat deterred.

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Knowing we have support behind us to assist when things go wrong has been the biggest benefit of adding LoyalITy as our IT partner. We know we can call for support at any time, or get immediate assistance when things are urgent, which is not something not all support firms can offer. Unsure of partnering with LoyalITy? There is no need to think about it. LoyalITy is the IT firm that you need if you want prompt and professional IT support without the costly addition of new internal IT staff.

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Join countless businesses we’ve guided to a safer, more secure digital frontier. Step into a future where cyber threats don’t stand a chance.