LoyalITy stands out among other MSPs in Eastern Wisconsin by focusing on delivering customized IT solutions designed specifically for business-minded individuals who are striving for growth, increased productivity, and the tools necessary to drive their business forward. We understand the critical role your IT systems play in your business, and we are confident that LoyalITy is the premier provider of network services, computer support, and IT consulting in Eastern Wisconsin.

Trust us to guarantee the seamless operation of your business, supported by the following compelling reasons:

As a women-owned and operated IT company, we bring a unique blend of expertise in business operations and management to the forefront. This sets us apart from the majority of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who are primarily led by technicians who are learning the business side of operations. Our diverse background allows us to offer a well-rounded approach that combines technical proficiency with a deep understanding of business strategy and management.

We operate without tier 1 technicians because their presence is unnecessary. Our team of highly experienced technicians on the help desk possesses such proficiency that we don't need to categorize them into tiers. Each and every technician is fully equipped and prepared to assist you in troubleshooting and resolving any issues you encounter.

Our technicians possess extensive expertise, boasting an average of 15 years of industry experience - nearly double the industry average.

We're head over heels for supporting local organizations like the Green Bay Humane Society and Hands4Heros. You might even spot us rocking it on the board of Foster the Village. We're serious about making a positive impact in our community, and we do it with a tech-savvy twist. We're not just about technology; we invest our time and energy into making our community thrive.

We prioritize strategic visits because we understand the importance of proactive communication and forward planning. As evidence of our commitment, we have completed 31 visits so far this year.

We embody the growth mindset, constantly seeking knowledge and investing in our staff's training. Our commitment to providing top-notch support to our clients is evident through our continuous education program that allows our techs to gain new certifications such as Azure Administrator Associate, Modern Desktop Administrator Associate, Security Operations Analyst Associate, and Cisco CCNA, just to mention a few.

Our help desk efficiently and consistently resolves tickets, with a remarkable 2,144 closed thus far this year with an impressive average of 64% same day resolution!

Our dedicated Technical Account Managers (TAMs) go the extra mile to thoroughly assess your environment during onsite visits, utilizing a comprehensive 150-point questionnaire. With a total of 41 visits completed this year, we have already accumulated an impressive 6,150 points in our assessment efforts.

We recognize that switching IT providers can be an overwhelming undertaking, especially considering that many providers do not offer any documentation regarding the process. However, we have developed an onboarding process that is both streamlined and effective. We provide extensive documentation that guides you from start to finish, ensuring a comprehensive and transparent experience. Our primary objective is to minimize unpredictability and inconvenience, whether you are transitioning from another IT provider or an internal IT team.